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fall carpet cleaning tips

Fall is in the air! We want to be sure that you enjoy this season to the fullest. That’s why we want to take care of you, your home, and your carpets! Here are a few tips to help keep those carpets of yours clean, fresh, and ready to enjoy during this beautiful time of year!

Vacuum Regularly: Make sure to vacuum your living areas once a week. Keep in mind to vacuum under furniture, to the edges/baseboards, under rugs, and anywhere else dirt can collect. Invest in a good vacuum--it can make all the difference!

*Tip* Sprinkle baking soda on your carpets prior to vacuuming. It will freshen your carpets and get rid of odors.

Treat Spots and Stains: Make sure to treat spots as soon as they occur. This will help make sure that stains do not cause more damage. Getting to the spot within minutes will greatly diminish the chance for permanent damage. For old or hard-to-remove stains, we have the products to help remove them! Feel free to give us a call!

*Tip* Do not rub stains! Blot them instead.

Remove Shoes: Take off shoes when you enter your home. Have a basket or mat near the door and place dirty shoes there so that dirt, mud, and debris do not get brought into your home. This is a preventative measure to make sure that your carpets stay nice and clean for your whole family!

Professional Cleaning: Finally, call your local Chem-Dry to come professionally clean your carpets! The Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction Method is the best in the industry! Cleaner carpets that dry faster and get rid of more dirt and allergens than any other carpet cleaners out there! Trust the experts who have your best interests in mind. A cleaner, healthier home is just one call, or click, away!

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